Top Five Accessories Netbook to be owned

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Top Five Accessories Netbook - If you have a netbook obviously, you are going to be doing without some items, such as a DVD drive, less USB Ports, less RAM, and less hard drive space. With my netbook, it has a decent amount of hard drive space, but is not an SSD drive. There are many accessories out there, and I don't endorse any one in particular, everyone has their own tastes. Here are the five I picked and felt was necessary for me.

SSD Drive
Although the hard drive space is getting better,if you want a SSD Drive (Solid State Drive) the best out there now is 128GB, which is alot of space for a small computer. The SSD drive gives more reliability, faster speeds, and alot more durable than most hard drives.

External USB DVD Burner
The biggest drawback to netbooks is their lack of an optical DVD drive. This makes it difficult to install software from a CD or DVD, playback audio CDs or even watch a DVD movie. An external DVD drive is a fabulous addition to just about any netbook. Not only does it allow the system to install software, but it can also allow it to play DVD movies or even burn CDs or DVDs. I prefer USB External DVD burners that do not have an AC Cord that comes with it. It makes it more portable, and they are alot smaller. I had a Sony USB External drive for my netbook, and I loved it.

Memory Upgrade
Almost all netbooks that comes with Windows XP on it has 1GB of memory. This limits the overall performance of a netbook. Some are now coming with Vista, and have 2GB of memory. This is an improvement, however, Vista really slows down the performance of the netbook, and it would be better to put Windows XP back on instead. Some netbooks can have their memory upgraded by replacing the existing 1GB memory module with a larger 2GB module. Make sure it is easiyly accessible. I did not purchase a few of these netbooks because the memory was placed in a spot where it was not easily accessible. Be sure to check with your user manuals before purchasing a memory upgrade to make sure that the memory can be upgraded and that it can use a 2GB module.

Full-Size Keyboard
Most netbooks come with a very small and cramped keyboard. Again, alot of the netbooks are getting better, and making the keys bigger, but still not the same as a full-size keyboard. Plug a USB keyboard into your netbook and you can type with ease and avoid wrist pain, while not having to look at the keyboard while typing.

USB External hard drive
It's always a good idea to back up your documents, music and photo's. Since some of the netbooks on the market don't offer enough storage, you're probably going to want to buy an external hard drive anyway. You can get most hard drives up even a 500GB, that plugs into your netbook via USB.

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