Backup and restore contacts on android phone

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Actually perform to backup and restore contacts on android phone is easy. When you want to add a new contact number, select the option to save it to Google. Instantly your phone will sync to Gmail Contact Manager and the new contact numbers will also be stored there. It is an automatic backup, right?

Gmail Contact Manager can be opened by going to Gmail first, then click the Mail button is located below the Gmail logo. Do this until a menu appears. On the menu, select Contacts. But another story if the number of contacts are already stored on the SIM card, microSD memory, and in the internal memory of the phone. Special tricks required to perform backups.

The first step to doing backups is to export contacts to microSD advance. The trick Backup and restore contacts on android phone is as follows:

1. Open the contact list on Android phones.
2. Tap the menu and select Import / Export.
3. Choose Export to SD Card.

Up here, you get a file named 00001.vcf. File is a list of contacts that are collected into one. Can you copy the file to another location, such as the hard drive on your computer. If for some reason the contacts list in the Android phones have problems, you can import the file back into your Android 00001.vcf.

So copy the file back to the SD Card 00001.vcf on your Android phone, then do go back three steps that have been written over. Surely the last step instead of Export to SD Card, but the Import from SD Card.

Android phone will then extract the contact information is on file 00001.vcf and you can choose whether to import the results will be stored in the phone's internal memory or directly to Google.

VCF file format can also be directly imported into Gmail Contacts without going through the mediation of cell phones. The trick is as follows:

1. Open Gmail Contacts.
2. Click the Import Contacts listed in the left column, bottom.
3. Click the Choose File button and select the CSV file to import.
4. Click the Import button.

This method is useful to copy the contacts from non-Android phone to Gmail Contacts and syncing to Android phones can be done later.

What now if the backup file be copied to non-Android phone? You can use Google Sync devices.

Install Google Sync for non-Android phones. Supported phones are BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia. Information about what is Google Sync and how to install non-Android phones could be seen in

After Google Sync installed on non-Android phone, now the contact information on these phones can be synchronized with Gmail Contact Manager.

So, now every store a new contact or update the contact information on the Android phones (all directly stored in Gmail Contacts), automatically contacts on other phones also terbahari. And vice versa.

If Google Sync could not be installed on your phone, there are alternative ways that can be done, which is using Microsoft Outlook as a bridge. So you can install Google Apps Sync in Microsoft Outlook and synchronize your contacts to Google. Contacts in Microsoft Outlook can then be synchronized to another mobile phone.

Why Microsoft Outlook is selected? Because quite a lot of phones have a device that can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded at This software is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2010 and can run on Windows XP operating system to Windows 7.

After installing Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook works, you will be prompted to login to Google services with your account you have.

Only in this way requires you to be registered in the service of Google Apps for Business ( are not included in Google's free service, so you have to pay certain costs to be able to use it.

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