Instagram and Facebook, Marriage 1 billion in dollar

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Instagram and Facebook, Marriage 1 billion in dollar
If you know the idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words", Instagram may be referred to as "a photo application that is worth a billion dollars".

Wednesday (4/4), the timeline Twitter, Twitter enlivened the Apple fanboy (the designation for the fans of Apple products). They stated unwillingness on the release version of Android Instagram. The reason for this exclusive Instagram available only to users of IOS.

As great as if Instagram could lead to "war" between IOS and Android users?

Instagram is a photo sharing application (photo-sharing) are enriched with dozens of filters to menambahkankan certain effects to photos. Links to social networking facilities easier for users to showcase their photos to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Actually, a lot of similar applications on the market and Instagram is not the first. However, a simple interface and ease of use make Instagram sped quickly. Within 1.5 years, Instagram has been downloaded by more than 30 million users IOS. This has not been added in Android users who reach 5 million in just 6 days since the release of the Google Instagram Play Store.

Instagram phenomenon is not lost on Facebook. As a store of the world's largest collection of photos, Facebook seems to feel threatened. Moreover, most users prefer to divide Instagram pictures to Twitter, not Facebook.

Users a high growth rate was considered to inhibit Facebook. In fact, Facebook is also currently requires the user to boost the increase in prices IPO at the IPO (initial public offering), May.

On the other hand, the popularity of mobile devices Instagram at a potential that can be used up that has not been strong in that area.

Do not forget the existence of data that accompanies the millions of photos on Instagram, as hashtag (usually containing the theme / topic of photos), location, and network of friends. This information collection is considered a "treasure" to improve the quality of Facebook social graph to better understand the characteristics of users.

On the competitive and strategic considerations, Monday (9/4) then, Facebook are willing to spend 1 billion in U.S. dollars in cash and stock to buy Instagram. This is the largest acquisition by value ever undertaken Facebook.

"It's an important moment for Facebook because for the first time we acquired a company with a product and a very large number of users," wrote Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) on his blog.

He affirmed that, despite having acquired, Instagram remains to be developed as a separate application from Facebook. "We will work with the team Instagram to offer the best experience of sharing the beautiful pictures via mobile devices based on user interest," he added.

Meanwhile, Kevin Systrom (Instagram CEO) believes, with the marriage of ideas and talent between the two parties, he expects the creation of a more glorious future for the Facebook and Instagram. "This service will not be lost," said Systrom to dismiss concerns Instagram purchased for "disabled".

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