Top Android Mobile Web Browsers

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Top Android Mobile Web Browsers - Nowadays Mobile Web browsing has become an inseparable part of our lives. We all are addicted to Web since it brings us numerous entertaining and educational stuffs. But what if when we are away from our Computer/Laptop? Of course, we would opt to browse the web using Android phone. In order to get the most out of our Smartphone, we would probably use it for browsing the web, Right? Nowadays we have a lot of Android Mobile browsers and here I have listed Top 5 out of them. So, checkout my list of Top 5 Android Mobile Browsers to access web on your Android Phone.

Top 5 Android Mobile Web Browsers are :

1. Dolphin Browser HD
Dolphin Browser HD
I do not feel that this browser needs an introduction. This browser is the most used browser for Android devices.  Currently I am using Dolphin browser HD on my tablet. Dolphin browser has several other forms like – Dolphin browser Mini, Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser for Pad. Another effective feature of this Dolphin browser is that you can install additional Add-ons which can help you to enhance user experience. The feature that I really like about it is you can search in a faster and a smarter way.

Install Dolphin Browser HD

2. Google Chrome
Google Chrome for Android
If you’re running Android 4.0 on your Android, then I recommend you to use Google Chrome. It is really extraordinary side from Google since they brought their cross-platform desktop browser to Android Platform.  It supports almost all our favorite chrome elements like Incognito browsing, Auto-fill, and omnibox, etc. The drawback is it doesn’t support flash. Sometime it can eat much memory, but still I find that it loads Webpages quite faster.

Install Google Chrome

3. Firefox for Android (Beta)
Firefox Beta for Android
You might be surprised that I’ve listed a Beta browser in this list. Well, there are few obvious reasons for the same like it comes with enhanced performance, faster browsing speed and other security and privacy features. You can also customize your browser easily with the help of add-ons. Moreover, if you’re comfortable with Firefox on your Desktop, then using it on your Android can also be a good choice.

Install Firefox for Android (Beta)

4. Maxthon Android Web Browser
Maxthon Android Web Browser
Maxthon Browser is one of the popular browsers in the Android Market. In fact, Maxthon were one of the first ones to develop a third-party web browser on Android platform. It comes with lots of additional features. Here are some to name a few – Private Browsing, Amazing Speed, Add-ons, Full screen mode browsing, Multi-tab browsing, and many more features.

Install Maxthon Android Browser

5. Opera Mobile
Opera Mini Web Browser
Opera Mini has settled its grounds earlier in the desktop platform and since the last few years, it is also making a good space in the Android devices. The feature that I really like about Opera is their reliable user interface as well as smooth and faster loading of Webpages. It makes web surfing much efficient than ever. Opera Mini is the best browser to browse web in a quick and painless way. If you use Opera on Desktop, then do use it on your Android as well.

Install Opera Mobile

So, here I’m done sharing my list of Top 5 Android Mobile Browsers to access Web on your Android Phone. If you have any other favorite browser from which you access web on your Android device, do let us know via comments.  

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