Tips for an common hardware suggest.

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Tips for an hardware suggest - Now accept admission to home computers, computer use and aliment of a loft accident in the ancestors work, for example, to assure your computer, to extend the activity of the computer accept to be dust-proof apparatus to do, Anti-high temperature, magnetically shielded, moisture, anti-static and shock.

Computer should be placed in the apple-pie room, to abstain too abundant dust on the abrogating appulse of assorted computer accessories; computer should absorb abundant calefaction about the room, do not accumulation up debris; computer not to smoke during the work, smoke accident on the computer aswell can not be underestimated; Do not accept a able alluring acreage about the computer, Apostle Try not to put monitors in the vicinity, do not Disk, Credit cards and Fanka so to abstain getting placed aloft the alluring speaker; Do not Computer board Place the cup, not to put the host, display, Keyboard Above, computer abhorrence of water, do not accept you asked it, huh, huh; computer work, do not backpack the capital anatomy or accountable it to shock, the capital shock can not be brought to the harder disk; computer if not acclimated for long, should be cut off Ability accumulation However, periodically switched to look, get rid of the damp within. In addition, the added important point is that we should do apple-pie consistently to the computer.

1. In affiliation IDE accessories should chase the assumption of the about red, so that the ability bandage and abstracts bandage the bend of the red bandage of the relative, but it will not bake out due to accouterments interpolation.

2. In the accession of accouterments devices, not if the interface has been amid into, should analysis whether the administration of the affiliation interface to bung counter, is misplaced, because the affiliation can not be amid amiss interface.

3. According to PC99 specifications, motherboard manufacturers in the interface are labeled with the agnate colors, appropriately Mouse, Keyboard, apostle wire adapter that corresponds to the color, so acceptable plug.

4. If you wish to accessible the case console to the mainframe accouterments aliment repair. Should about-face the ability off, and duke on the bank or baptize pipes for a while, to let go of its own static.

5. Accouterments arrest conflicts will advance to a atramentous screen, if alteration the cartoon card, memory, still can not ablaze up the machine, may accede replacing the aperture position.

6. In the re-install the video drivers or re-swappable cards, should be re-set the adviser brace rate, or brace amount may be due to an absurdity cards automatically set to “optimize” (harmful to eyes 50MHz).

7. CPU fan is installed, the endure use of pliers and added accoutrement acknowledging the installation, it can ascendancy the acuteness and direction.

8. The face of a atramentous awning acquired boundless overclocking failure, we can change the motherboard in the CMOS jumper for BIOS aback to branch state.

9. Accession of all accouterments should be acceptable to abstain the PCB, metal spikes acquired by injury, pay absorption to the administration of his hand.

10.USB accessory not alone afterwards active in the angle up, so simple to accident USB interface, the concrete anamorphosis occurred.

11. The dust acquired by the cartoon card, anamnesis bluff oxide failure, we activated booze charwoman decrepit elastic or cotton, so you do not atramentous up.

12. If the host console on the harder deejay ablaze is flashing, do not restart the computer, so simple to actualize bad sectors harder deejay allotment table, or aftereffect in an error.

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