How to Play Games Android on Windows Computer

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Play Games Android on Windows Computer

So your favorite Android games, like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope,or Fruit Ninja can be played on your Windows computer. No needto wait any longer, just a direct download its software at this link

Google’s mobile operating system applications, Android again proved his ”eloquence” can be installed on several different operating systems. Previously, applications had to be run on the Android tablet RIM, Blackberry Playbook using QNX operatingsystem. Not only that, the rumored Android applications can run well and Maemo operating systems (Apple) IOS.

After a successful run on QNX, Maemo, and IOS, now turn on theMicrosoft operating system. Is a startup company, BlueStackswho has managed to ”marry” Android and Windows. They inaugurated with the release of software BlueStacks Player App on Wednesday (10/11/2011). The software is able to “juggle”Android applications can be run on Windows.

BlueStacks App Player made ​​their positioning this as a step to expand the reach of the use of Android applications. They also released a service that allows synchronization of existing Android applications your smartphone to your Windows desktop.

Although still in alpha version or earlier versions, this free software is working properly, can deliver Android applications and games in the Windows environment, be it on the desktop,laptop, or tablet. In addition, there should be no modification at allof the Android application that will run on Windows.

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